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04-14-2013, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MetalGodAOD View Post
Posting this again because it might have gotten missed:

Aloonda, there's nothing wrong with starting a new thread about a topic like this. People generally find it lazy when you just start a thread and tell other people to discuss however. You're not really contributing anything, just asking for other people to provide opinions for you. It's like begging people for a homework answer or something.

Also just because one person questions your post doesn't mean the entire forum/mods are against you. Gotta drop the persecution complex if you hope to be a regular contributor around here. You get reallllllllllllly defensive when someone disagrees with your opinion or says something you don't like.

As for the discussion at hand, I think its Les Jackson who doesn't really like them. Gotta be after the Ivan incident I'd imagine.

how did les get burned here metal?

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