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04-14-2013, 11:40 PM
Boedker sucks
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Bryz was one of my favorite goalies when he was in Phoenix. When he came to Philly I'm pretty sure I pretended to forget about him, and laughed at his demise initially. I even posted on here once something like ''Where did they find this joker? Out of a dumpster somewhere?'' I even remember him owning us during the regular season last year, but somehow we beat them every time they start Bobrovsky.

At this point it's sad to see what's happened to him. He's been made a fool of, and I'm pretty sick of the way they treat this guy. He's taken so much **** from the media, but never do they call out anybody else. Stats junkies point out his save percentage (Like they do Marty) and he's given up more than his fair share of comedy goals, but most of that is on how awful that defense is that their icing in Philadelphia. How does Sergei Bobrovsky go from looking worse than Bryz last year to looking like a Vezina caliber goalie this year? He was fantastic in Phoenix Bryzgalov, and anybody who talks about Tippett's trap can go look up his 08-09 season with a 921 save percentage under Wayne frickin Gretzky. A notoriously BAD coach who did not play the trap. Did anybody watch the world championships in 09 when he lead Russia to a gold medal?

At this point I'm not sure if Ilya has been destroyed or not, but I'd welcome him as a cheap backup if he hasn't been destroyed. Sadly we won't know that until he plays somewhere else. He's rebound control is pretty shaky kinda like Marty's is at this point in his career, and he's not a great shootout goalie which don't matter since we don't have the shooters anyway. He's pretty solid, and he can usually give up 5 goals a game without giving up a goal that was on him. It's just his comedy moments like the Clarkson goal last year that are emphasized.

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