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04-15-2013, 12:12 AM
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Well, I've played in a league without my prescription goggles at times and when you have blurred vision the puck is hard to track when it's not within say 20 feet. And when a long pass or shot would come at me, it felt like it would come much faster because I was picking it up late. It's kind of like playing goal and trying to stop a shot when you didn't pick up the moment the stick hits the puck. You just feel a little behind everything. You're forced to let your instincts kick in a bit more. You tend to focus more on playing the man as opposed to the puck. Which is ok for basic D. But really hard for doing more precise maneuvers like, catching passes, stickhandling, defending 2 on 1's, getting your stick out to deflect shots, etc. Staals patent maneuvers in the corner where he stickhandles around an opposing forward before moving it up to the forwards are the kinds of things that might be compromised if he comes back too soon.

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