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Originally Posted by JohnHodgson View Post
This whole goalie market is non-existent/small is completely false. People like to become sheep and follow what everyone says despite cold hard facts proving that the goalie market exists. Colorado gave up the 11th overall pick for Varlamov, a goalie who had 53 starts in a span of 3 years, had a .917 career percentage and also several injury concerns. Ben Bishop (career .912 save percentage) who had one good year (13 games played), got a leading calder candidate Cory Conacher. Lindback (a nobody before last year, played decent in a small amount of games in Nashville) got 2 2nd round picks, and a 3rd round pick. Schneider's value would be sky high, especially what he has been doing this year.

The issue isn't that the goalie market is negligible, it is that it fluctuates wildly because with only 30 starting spots in the league, demand is extremely elastic.

Any team can use another top 6 forward or top 4 d-man because there are 180 top 6 forward spots and 120 top 4 d-man spots in the NHL.

Come the off-season, goalie demand is going to shoot back up while there are multiple teams in need of starters and other teams considering maneuvering for upgrades.

Schneider's value is extremely high. It came out that Colorado offered their pick for him before they went to Washington and the offer was obviously turned down(wisely it would seem). To think that his value is a late first - what he was drafted with years ago - is silly. That would be to say that all the development and at this point, actual production is worth nothing.

Furthermore, Luongo has only been proven to be immovable so far. Things change. As I already said, the goalie market fluctuates wildly and there will be an actual full off-season this year. There will be many teams with needs and the Canucks are not going to be as picky about the return when the cap space can immediately be flipped for tangible assets in free agency. I don't think he is immovable at all. There are teams that don't spend to the cap for which his cap penalty upon retirement is no issue. His term is a risk, but one that teams are still willing to take when given actual production. He has value(admittedly dwindling considering Van's situation), it is a matter of the market demand rising to meet that falling value.

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