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Given that choice it would have to be Eberle but if it was going to be done it should have been last year. Sell high not low (unless its Kevin)!! Right now we have no choice but to wait and see how they develop unless some GM has a brain fart and does something crazy (Eberle to Calgary for their 3 picks this year). It's also very premature to ask this right now. Based on recent trends we ARE going to end up with a VERY high, very good pick. Tambi doesn't do much but he is lucky at the lottery. Even baring that miracle at least one hole should be filled. Depending on how the chips fall we could get a top D/C/LW which could really change this whole thread. And best of all most of them have great size. At worse it looks like we get that number 2 center, a big physical D or a replacement for Hemsky.
And since we're dreaming, Tambi stated before the year that anything less than the playoffs was unacceptable and Katz likes his money so it's at least possible someone else gets to make the decisions this summer. Well it could happen. Bigfoot is real.

Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Hall does a lot more on the ice, but often times without results. He doesn't have the hands or finish that Eberle does.
I would put money on Eberle scoring 40 goals before Hall does.
Completely disagree about the results part. Hall is the heart of the team on a nightly basis. He may not always get results but he brings energy every night. Eberle can do it with a highlight reel goal but Hall does it more consistently and is slowly adding a real edge to his game. Future captain material. Eberle does have a knack for those timely goals though...

Originally Posted by Philly85 View Post
PRV and Eberle are butter soft. I think we see this year, in a shortened season no less where a guy like Eberle in particular should flourish, good teams have figured this short dangling perimeter sniper out. Be hard on the guy, gap control, taking away time and space... not to mention unsustainable shooting % (which we all laughed about but was a reality), and the fact he's having a bad season, doesn't go to the tough areas... I love Eberle but this kid should be prime trade bait. The only thing that sucks about him is his contract. Another stupid deal by Tambellini that will hurt his value.
Anyways, if this team ever want to be competitive, Gagner PRV and Ebs all have to go.
Not every player has to be a banger, you just need enough in the team as a whole. I guess we have been watching different games, though if you want to call PRV soft? Not physical but stands in front of the net and takes a beating with a smile on his face every night. He's young, has a fantastic attitude and keeps getting better.

Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Ridiculous post.
He's having a down year in a shortened season and all of a sudden the league has him figured out, the ever so ridiculous unsustained argument gets brought up and he is now prime trade bait? Oh and his contract is stupid?
Just a ridiculous post.
I wonder what would have happened if the Blackhawks gave up on Patrick Kane in the off-season because he had one down season last year.
Really good young players hit rough patches every now and then and this is Eberle's rough patch. Watch him bounce back next season and shut down all this nonsensical trade Eberle mumob jumbo.
The Oilers don't NEED to trade Eberle. If they want to add size and toughness to their top 6, they trade Gagner because he has value and trade Hemsky and Paajarvi to create space for those players. There is absolutely no need right now to trade one of the Big 4 NONE.
Why is the unsustainable shooting % argument ridiculous? Arguing for or against? No one really knows. People who do this for a living don't know for sure. That's why I was for trading Eberle last summer if the return was great and not so much now after an off year.

As for the rest. Unless you run into a desperate GM (or Calgary every so often) and manage to steal a Filip Forsberg you don't generally get a top 6 player, especially with size and toughness, by trading players like Gagner with question marks to their game. Gags certainly has value but I could see this ending up like the Hodgson/Kassian trade. Size and toughness for skill but is the team any better, especially if you don't address the hole it leaves behind (at the draft perhaps)?

Then again if we'd offered up Sam last year for Kadri I have to think the Leafs would have bit. The fans who love him now certainly would have. Ah for twenty twenty hindsight.

Really don't understand the whole thing about trading Hemsky and PRV to create space after a Gagner deal though. At worst it's a one for one if not a package going out unless the returns are greatly degraded. Realistically what's Hemsky worth now case? A second in the recent draft? A late first on a contender as a rental next year if he stays healthy? Better off keeping him here and hoping for a good year.

Why give up on PVR this early? No one is or should be untouchable but like Eberle only if it makes sense.

As for if the Blackhawks traded Patrick Kane after an off year? If it was for, let say, Erik Karlsson they'd probably be OK with that. You don't trade Eberle just for the sake of it. You only do the deal if the return is amazing which is why I don't think it will happen. The window was last year's off season and we missed it (for better or worse).

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