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Originally Posted by ottawa View Post
In case you forgot the general public thought Colorado overpaid for Varlamov, the reactions were hilarious in fact but I'll give you that one...Varlamov was sold high but they didn't trade an 11th overall like you claim they did, they actually gave up a 1st round pick in 2012 which turned out to become an 11th pick overall, huge difference.

As for the Conacher for Bishop trade, it was no overpayment from either side, it's mostly equal imo. It's been said over and over again, Conacher got most his points while he was playing with Stamkos and St-Louis, he got taken off that line and his production fact in his last 22 games he only has 6 points and he is not doing great with the sens either right now.

The Lindback trade included two 2nds from 2012 and one third in 2013...I would say that's pretty much what Schneider is worth to be honest, I hadn't thought of it that way. Both goalies are inexperienced (though Schneider has more GP), neither have ever played more than half a season so they're unproven over the course of a full season but they both have good potential.

And how is the small goalie market thing non-existent...can you provide more than 1 example (the Varlamov one). I kind of provided you with a huge list...I'd say what Bishop and Lindback returned is just about fair market value, Varlamov was clearly an overpayment.
Varlamov was traded for a 1st (the Avs and everyone else knew they weren't and weren't going to be a top team) and a 2nd, presumably after the Canucks rebuffed Colorado's attempts to trade for Schneider.

Schneider = Lindback/Bishop? Insane.

In 42 NHL games, never as the #1 goaltender, Bishop has a save % of .912 and a GAA of 2.67.

In 59 NHL games, with now 21 games as a #1 goalie, Lindback has a save % of .910 and a GAA of 2.66. His stats were slightly better at the time of the trade - somewhere around .914 SV% and a 2.5 GAA.

In 94 NHL games, having over the course of last season wrestled the starting position from a proven high quality NHL goaltender with 744 career starts, Schneider has a save % of .927 and a GAA of 2.21. He has seen action in 8 playoff games with a save % of .940 and a GAA of 1.91.

I would argue he is exponentially more proven than either Lindback or Bishop at the time of their trades. I would also argue that he is flat out statistically superior.

All that goes without saying that NHL GMs don't simply check the stats of goalies:

"In Semyon Varlamov we are acquiring a highly touted NHL goaltender," Avalanche general manager Greg Sherman said. "At 23 years old, he is regarded as a solid and talented netminder by our staff. We definitely feel we have addressed our top priority this offseason and for many years to come."
They watch and have paid employees breakdown their game.

The eye test is in favor of Schneider as well. You watch him and he looks like an elite goalie - elite positioning, elite side to side movement, amazing efficiency of movement, always in control.... etc.

And that is over more than a season's worth of games at the NHL level, including at least two (going by memory) stretches of about 10 games straight in separate seasons. This year the Canucks forward corps has undergone constant injuries. They have lacked the faceoff ability of years past (27th in the league this year) and their possession game has been abysmal for most of the season. Schneider has been the best player this year on a team that has hardly been able to play up to its own system.

NHL GMs know what Schneider is worth and it is a lot more than Lindback, Bishop, a couple 2nds or Conacher. None of that approaches the value he has proven.

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