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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
But there's no reason to write it as Tjutin when you can write it phonetically. I guess technically Tjutin is not incorrect but it's unnecessary and smells of someone confusing Russian with Yugoslavian (or other) languages. The only way that's not stupid is if Tyutin himself wanted it spelled Tjutin, or had it in his documents as such. Considering that his name is spelled "Tyutin" on his jersey, I doubt Tyutin wanted it spelled Tjutin.
Letters are pronounced differently in different languages. Hell, even in Englisch, letters can have completely different pronounciations for no good reason. Obviously in English that transliteration makes little sense, in German though, the 'j' is exactly the right letter for that pronounciation and I'd imagine it's that way for most of the other Germanic languages except English obviously. Why it was done this way in an English article, I have no idea. But there ain't no real right or wrong when it comes to transliteration.

Oh and a large part of former Yugoslavia does not use the latin alphabet. Serbia for instance.

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