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04-15-2013, 08:39 AM
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I don't understand why Reyes getting hurt suddnely has sparked conversation about Lawrie playing 2nd.

Reyes gets hurt so we decide to try Lawrie(who was playing 3rd) at 2nd, Bautista(who was playing RF) at 3rd, and Bonifacio(who was playing 2nd) to RF.

That has absolutely nothing to do with the Reyes injury, you're basically just switching 3 positions around.

So why has the Reyes injury sparked that option in the minds of AA and Gibbons?

Might it have more to do with Bonifacio's defense at 2nd?

imo playing Lawrie at 2nd for the first time in 3(?) years, putting Boneface in RF when his arm isn't great and wasting Bautista's arm at 3rd isn't as good defense as Bautista in RF, Lawrie at 3rd, and Boneface at 2nd.

Just play Izturis at SS, and Boneface at 2nd until Reyes comes back imo. They're trying to overcomplicate things

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