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04-15-2013, 09:19 AM
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I went to try on skates again this weekend at my LHS and ended up getting the Vapor X5.0s on clearance in a 9.5. I tried on the 9s just to see what they felt like and they were way too snug. I could tell the second I stood up in them it was going to be an issue. So I checked out the 9.5s again and really tried to get the top of the skate tight around the ankle. They actually felt pretty good so I bit the bullet and bought them. After getting them baked they felt pretty similar to my X30s except a little stiffer around the top of the boot, which I expected.

I skated on them last night for the first time and they felt pretty good. Not quite as comfortable as my 30s, but again I expected that so I was not discouraged. I think once I break these in I will be just as comfortable as I was in the 30s. No pain after the skate and none today so that is great news.

AIREAYE, when skating laps around the ice I noticed I was a little less stable on cross overs. Is that a symptom of a new skate, a stiffer boot or both. I guess I'm wondering if I'll need to change my technique at all or if this is just part of the break in period. Thanks

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