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04-15-2013, 09:34 AM
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Perennial Winners - Question for the Experts

I'm not too familiar with the OHL but have noticed that London seems to perennially have good teams (Kitchener too maybe).

I always assumed that the structure of the league where you have kids for 2-4 years at most would mean that a team would be great for maybe three or four years but then fall quickly when their stars moved on to the NHL or university. Unlike college basketball they can't just recruit new players to a great organization. The lack of high draft picks would mean that there is a constant renewal going on, way faster than NHL cycles.

So my question is, why are some teams perennial challengers (or is this just something that I am seeing but doesn't really exist)?

Could it be that they have great scouts that see kids that nobody else does?

Do they get kids to say that they won't report to any team that drafts them or that they are going to US college and then pick them up?

Just curious if this is a recent phenomenon or if this is a trend that is happening where the OHL becomes "Premiere League-esque" and a few (larger market) teams are really just fighting each other and the other teams are just guys that they play.


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