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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
A lot of us rec leaguers, we're playing our highest level of hockey now and still playing competitively. I don't care if there's no money or prizes or future in it, it's still competitive hockey. If we can get an edge and afford it, we'll do it.

Still, on my team, there's maybe five guys who give a crap about their sticks and equipment (obviously I'm one of them), and none of us paid $200 for our sticks. Well, one guy did, but he's retired and bought an X:60 when it was new and has been using it for two years now.

And most of the teams we play, guys tend to use the $100-150 sticks if they care about their gear. Only a handful of players show up with matching $200 sticks and they're usually pretty good.

There's way more guys using old aluminum shafts with ratty wood blades and a lot of guys (including one on my team) using friggin wood sticks with ABS blades meant for road hockey. And most of these guys are pretty bad. I mean, I'd love to say there's guys in my league who used 5030's and bomb their shots but most of them just swat at the puck.
I probably play less than most people, especially since creeping into my late 30s. I went all out bought a Stealth RS in 2011. I've been loyal to Easton for years and seeing that I had a chance to get a hold of a stick that wasn't available to the public at the time, I went all in and paid $200 for it. I still have no regrets about it, but I don't foresee myself doing that again. Barring anybody stepping on my stick or somebody falling on it, I see myself having that stick for awhile.

Guy that I still play inline with actually goes out of his way to find people with aluminum shafts and see if they'll sell. I found an old one in my garage last year and ended up just giving it to him. Dude has a cannon with an aluminum stick, but is all over the place with the new one-piece sticks.

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