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12-29-2003, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
Snakeeye - You're an idiot. First the Flames are not going to get a laterial trade for Igilna. You've mentioned players like Gagne and Datsyuk
I did? When?

If/when he gets moved it will be for prospect's and/or picks - look at the Comrie deal you need an example, all they got for him were a prospect and picks - not a player of equel skill whos in the NHL right now.
Because Comrie's situation and Iginla's are precicely the same. And you call me an idiot...

That said, I'm not expecting a trade right now to land anything but prospects. This is why I am not expecting a trade.

And I've NEVER said they would go Igilna/Kaberle straight up (as you seem to think)
No, I never thought that. If you are too dense to realize that, not my problem.

but that he would be part of package including a top line potential center, and one of the top 10 offensive D-men is something the Flames need.
No, we dont need another offensive defenseman. We need offensive forwards.

So, I must say it one more time: we do not need Kaberle.

If you want to discuss hypothetical trades, start with what the Flames need, not just what you want to give up.

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