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04-15-2013, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
I don think Tigers was trying to do anything other than help clarify a few things he's comfortable letting out, it seems to me he was trying to help. And by the reaction not sure hed do it again lol.
I get frustrated when posters through things out there without knowledge of the rules or the workings on behind the scenes.

Suggesting that players manipulate the draft process all the time yet that poster has never once actually spent time in a rink talking to the parents/players. Its so rare now. Domi and Gilmour didn't talk for a year after that draft because of the Front's selecting Max, it was hardly a 'deal' between the two.

Talking about what 'should' happen in total absolutes, yet with no understanding of the circumstances or rules. Ill never understand why someone would suggest something was one way, without any actual knowledge of it.

I understand the tribalism of sports. You are part of the team, you are emotionally attached to said team. Every call that goes against them is a bad one, every referee is against them, happens at every level, such is sports.

But to continue that into conspiracies and such, assuming that anyone who challenges that conspiracy part of said conspiracy... that's on another level.

I wish the Spit fans well, I get the frustration, but your only a few years removed from back to back memorial cup wins, I can think of about 15-16 teams that would love to be in that position.

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