Thread: Speculation: Burns, future forward for life?
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04-15-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Burns has injury issues too, and the point was that at the time we could have said the same thing about either. With Cheechoo it was injuries (and teams 'figuring him out') and with Heatley it was just a first game honeymoon situation and he petered off quickly after.

Burns certainly COULD do it, he does have the skillset, but that doesn't mean he will. Temper your expectations and then be happy if he beats them, but expecting him to maintain a ppg+ pace for the rest of his career is a pretty risky bet is all. **** happens, small sample size, etc.

Also, I'm not saying he would not make a good career forward in general, just that keeping the pace he's on now is asking a lot.

While I agree that Burns probably won't keep up a PPG pace over a long period of time, the Cheechoo and Heatley comparisons are a little off base because those two have completely different skillsets. They're both primarily goal scorers and average skaters at best (that's being generous), so father time and the injury bug were always going to be less forgiving on them. I'm not expecting the same sort of rapid decline with Burns that took place with Cheech and Heater, dude just had hernia surgery and he's still the fastest skater on the team.

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