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Originally Posted by Raisy View Post
I think you are selling the team and the fans short here regarding the championships. I think the championships are a huge deal for the city and the fanbase. I, as a fan, would love to win every year, but that's not realistic. If fans are going to turn their backs so easily, than my view is that those are fans who were spoiled by the succes.
I agree the past 2 years have been painful, but this is not a comparable position to the Marlins; the Marlins gave the impression that they were going to build a strong team to get a stadium build and then traded everyone. Though the results may not have shown it this past year, Rychel tried to improve the team at the deadline, not sell off, and unfortunately injuries got in the way.
I think it's all about optics though. Fans are not turning their backs easily they can watch some poor play but then for the owner to sell their fans down the river in regards to the sanctions. They once prided themselves as a fan friendly franchise but now all they see is $$$ if they can shove fans through the gates.

I have a hard time understanding the idea of improving the team at the deadline. The talk is if there's no Memorial Cup he will strip it down. He stripped it down in 2011, in 2012 he tried to add to the group and like you said injuries hurt the team, now it's possible in 2013 he strips it down? Sounds like he's doing a dis-service to the fans and not putting any faith in his roster. I imagine you can't find many franchises that would strip it down twice in a three year period. You sell off this year you're just admitting you wasted 2 years and failed miserably. I think fans could handle average hockey for a long time span but I think fans have a breaking point and this year was close to it. Last year they had a town hall meeting for season ticket holders and all they did was screen questions from the fans. Fans didn't appreciate that from what I was told. Since their championships if there was a checklist of things not to do as an organization everything Windsor has done the past few years would be on that list.

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