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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Just remember, it's really not a matter of you getting hurt, it's a matter of you hurting someone else. You need to make sure you know how to stop, and do it quickly. One of the biggest dangers in playing is getting a new guy on the ice that can't stop and ends up taking out another players knees. Other than that, it will come to you.
Oh, never really thought of that. Was mostly concerned with hurting myself. Good point on that.

I play other competitive sports and never really get too nervous but thinking about playing in a competitive league for the first time gets butterflys going in my stomach.

The best way to lose them would be to practice hard, in the other sports I play it greatly helps with confidence. Hoping it will apply to hockey aswell. My outlook is really concentrating on skating and hockey skating technique before diving in. Even if you aren't that great with the puck, in lower leagues skating makes the difference from what I've heard.

The first time I get on the ice in a game situation AND get the puck I am going to pass it right away, hey, you can't make too many costly mistakes without the puck if you play a clean game right?

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