Thread: Speculation: Burns, future forward for life?
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04-15-2013, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by OrrNumber4 View Post
IMO, if you are a defenseman who can skate, transtioning to forward is relatively easily, especially if you have good hockey sense. I would not be surprised if Tennyson, Demers, Boyle, and Braun could all be decent forwards.
Speed makes you a bottom-6 player, speed and high-end skill makes you a first liner. What Burns has that those 4 don't have are a mix of speed, size, and power. Those 4 could be 3rd liners, but I wouldn't want them in the Top-6. Boyle, especially in years prior, scored a ton of his goals by sneaking up into the play when the defense wasn't watching. That option won't be open as a winger.

Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
is he the best replacement for dan boyle currently on our roster? yes

should he be moved back to d if he is a 65-70 point winger? tough call.
I agree. And Burns wouldn't just be a 65-70 point winger, he'd be a 65-70 point F1. Again, this really depends on the trade market. A #1 D is very hard to find, but a high-end effective F1 is also very hard to find. Which is harder is still up for debate.

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