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Originally Posted by Frankenrogers View Post
Thanks for the replies so far.

What is the process like for drafting? I am thinking more specifically about the before-the-draft interviews.

Say Erie asked McDavid beforehand if he wanted to play there, and he said that he wasn't interested and wouldn't report if he got drafted. What are Erie's options here? Draft him and he never plays in the OHL if he doesn't report? Or would he get put back into the draft at a later date like the NHL?
Draft and trade I assume?
Pick someone else and watch him go somewhere he wants to play?

How often do players say that they are going to US college and then "change their mind"?

Before the draft they conduct interviews with the player, either in home or phone interviews. They also have interviews with the player's coach to find out the player's personality, any attitude issues etc. Trying to see if that player would be a right fit for their squad. Each team arranges their own individual list before the draft of all the players they are interested from 1 to 200 etc. They make their selections based off their individual list. If a player was selected before their selection they simply cross off the player's name off the list.

If a team drafts a player and he doesn't want to report, they have a short window of a week in August and January in which they can trade his rights to another team. If the player does not report to training camp and is traded away, the OHL team who selected that player will receive another first round selection in the next draft. (i.e. In 2011 Mississauga had two first round picks, because in the 2010 draft their first round pick didn't report and he was then traded to Windsor). After the draft the OHL team can ONLY trade the player they picked in the first round during those two windows (August and January), no other draftees can be traded until that season is over. The OHL teams also cannot trade future first round draft picks as its prohibited by the league, which is why you constantly see a bunch of deals primarily involving second round draft picks and later.

Most US players don't come to the OHL right away. It differs based on the player's goal. Some prefer to go to the NCAA over the OHL. So players often remain in the US. Sometimes player's are either swayed by the OHL teams or sometimes the NHL teams to play in the Ontario. Most players who decide not to play in the OHL either from Canada or the US want to remain eligible for the NCAA. If a players plays in one exhibition or regular season game, they automatically lose their eligibility to play with any Division 1 NCAA school. Some OHL teams draft players in the 8th round or even later who have a significantly high chance of playing in the league but they decide not to, in order to retain their eligibility.

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