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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
How can the Oilers STILL be so bad? So many top picks, so little wins.

**** the NHL and the system that rewards tanking as a way to quickly rebuild. It makes me happy when teams can't even do that the right way.
Because they've been breeding a losing environment. Everyone, from their ownership to their fan base, has been riding the hype-train on this "rebuild" for years. In reality, aside from stockpiling draft picks and picking #1 overall year after year, they've done almost nothing to better their franchise. Elite teams aren't simply built off of top draft picks. You need to develop a supporting cast, or at least make moves to bring those players in from outside of the organization. Edmonton hasn't done that. Tambellini was more concerned with getting media attention over who to take #1 than he was in bringing in pieces to build a contender.

Even their fans have spent the last 4 years dangling #1 picks in the faces of other fans while acting like it was some incredible accomplishment. At least when Pittsburgh tanked they managed to draft some players that did something other than score goals.

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