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04-15-2013, 01:28 PM
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They may well be able to evaluate skating passing and other basic skills. But when it comes to things that matter abilities to pass or press the play forward alone is limited when your on the ice with lesser players. If the team had Wilson Borque Horni on the roster now I would not argue one bit to keeping him on the big team. But putting an 18 year old out there to get eat up be the Sedines when he can just be crushed proves nothing. You can bet Vancouver knows this kid is on the radar. Its not that hard for opposing coaches to roll lines against the Preds top line that includes FF now. Sure it may be valuable to see how the kid reacts. I just believe it would better to ensure the Ad's make the playoffs and he is able to have more games in North America this season and prepair for next.

The Ad's know what they have in the rest of the players we have up here now. If they need some back send them to extend them to playoffs. It would not only help FF but the other players also. And if we send them back and the send us AHL 4th liners to finish here who really cares. The chances of winning more games in Nashville this year are slim. experience in North America for FF is valuable for next year. In camp he will be put on a line with guys back from injury theres plenty of preseason games to decide if he needs to start in the AHL next year. This year is toast here give FF every chance to come in next year flawless and start fresh.

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