Thread: Proposal: Van-NJ (yes, Luongo)
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04-15-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Exactly. I'd rather trade Schneider for a solid asset than Luongo for nothing, as in my eyes for the next 3-4 years Luongo will be just as good, and that coincides with our best shot at winning the cup.
That at least is a respectable opinion IMO.

Too many Canuck fans have vehemently denied that Luongo doesn't have good trade value, but when that idea is flipped on its head, and other fans point out that if Luongo is so good, why doesn't Vancouver just keep him and trade Schneider, they also flip out about that idea.

The Canucks IMO are exactly the type of team that could actually stomach (to a certain extent) a Luongo type of contract, because they are in their window for contention right now. Trading him to teams like Toronto, TB, Florida, etc, doesn't make as much sense (IMO) since they'd just be burning through those first few years of his contract that actually have value without actually having a chance to win the SC. And if you're going to trade good assets for and take on that contract, your ultimate goal should be because it gives you a very good chance of winning the SC.

Vancouver could add a great piece or two to their roster if they traded Schneider, and realistically they only need another solid piece or two to push themselves right back to the top in terms of top contenders for the Cup.

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