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04-15-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Rundblad View Post
I try to stay away from the ownership debacle.

I don't really know a whole lot about it and I feel like trying to find out I'd just get frustrated with all the misinformation out there, and wouldn't really be able to tell the difference either. One source claims one thing whereas another claims the opposite, who am I to believe?

Just **** it. I'll just enjoy watching the team in the meantime, no need to worry about it.
I'm bringing this here because I don't want to go off topic in the ownership thread.

That is one good way to do it but then you have others like me who get that feeling of civic duty to inform others of what is going on in a world filled with misinfomation. There are lots of people around the world who read this board both members and non-members alike and do so because they feel that HFBoards is a reliable source for infomation and a place they know where someone who is knowlegable isn't afraid to take on those who don't know what they're talking about.

As far as those who scream about the need for others to be respectful no matter what; respect is and shall always be earned! I don't expect every single person I come across to be a scholar and not even the smartest man in the world knows everything. However, I'm going to have more respect for those who admit there are things they don't know about and are willing to learn vs those who shoot their mouths off pretending to know everything when in reality they don't. It's so sad to see how others would rather play the victim, use the strawman arguement, let things go in one ear and out the other instead of learning.

Never bring a knife to a gun fight!

I know some of you will ask this: But what if that person has a disability that either prevents them from learing to a high degree or learning something at all? I don't fault things on people they have because of factors beyond their control. But if something one has is the result of something NOT beyond the control of the individual is another.

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