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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
They'll probably still launch PS3 games for about 4-8 months after the launch of PS4. On of the perks of PS4 is total digital backwards compatibility, allowing you to play PS, PS2, and PS3 Sony may move away from PS3 quicker because of that.

The PS3 is fairly affordable for a major console, but it's not like $200-300 (GameStop range of used to new prices) is a drop in the bucket for the average person. Most people wouldn't spring for that, and then drop another $400+ when the PS4 launches 6 months later.
Yea, so if I have a ps4 and you have a ps3 and we have the same game. would we be able to play online with each other or would I only be able to play with other ps4 users.

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