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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
First you say you want to keep Gabby, then you ***** about the fact that the Rangers are a much less deep team than they were last year. Make up your mind. You can't have both. If you keep Gabby, Nash, Richards, and Hank's contracts (combined they would eat up almost half the cap space next year)... you have to sacrifice something; and for most of the season this year it has been depth and grit.

The other problem here is that when you're talking about a "downgrade" - and imply it is primarily because of the Gabby trade - you leave out Clowe. The two trades can not be looked at in a vacuum. They both influenced each other and both were likely considered and formulated in the context of the other happening. In light of that, would you really say that this is a downgrade?


Those are the major pieces moved in trades over the past year. Granted, this doesn't look at the other considerations involved in the trades (draft picks, gaining significant cap space, ability to re-sign RFAs, etc); but you're talking immediate impact, so let's see... The only combination in there that comes even close to a downgrade is Brassard-Anisimov - and there isn't even a major roster piece to match with Dorsett. The trades made don't really look too shabby in that light.

That said, you include FA's as well (I agree with you here, virtually none of the FA replacements come even close to filling the holes they were meant to fill). So here are the 1-to-1 roster changes from last year:


That doesn't look nearly as bad as reading your post would lead one to believe. Its all subjective of course, but in my mind that is 3-4 minor downgrades and 3-4 pretty significant upgrades -- which would make it somewhere between a wash and a better team (depending upon which you think are upgrades).
With the exception of Nash-Gaborik, Asham-Rupp and Moore-Erixon(debatable), all of those are clear downgrades. But the difference is, the Rangers pissed away a 1rst rounder, a high 3rd rounder and potentially 2 2nd rounders. Team is treading water.

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