Thread: Speculation: Burns, future forward for life?
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04-15-2013, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
HB-For Burns to do .66ppg at the D spot, we would need to have the wingers to actual score.. Burns at F1 gives him far more chances at scoring close to a ppg.
That's not how hockey strategy works. Every player is not Gretzky, they cannot create offense out of thin air all by themselves. In fact there are few players in history that can truly do that (consistently). Everyone else creates offense out of opportunity created by their team-mates the vast majority of the time.

Let's say for instance you decide, for whatever reason, to tell your defensemen to not enter the zone during offensive situations. The opposing team is going to see that your defensemen are not participating in the offensive play and thus are free to cover your 3 forward with their 5 players. You are going to have a VERY hard time scoring in that situation.

The same is true when you have defensemen who are not an offensive threat. The opposing players know this and do not respect those two players, they are free to 'cheat' and not cover the blue line as heavily and focus on the forwards. If you iced a team with nothing but defensive defensemen (with the offensive ability of say Douglas Murray) your forward production would also decrease dramatically.

You must have players that are a potent offensive threat on the point or you are making your forwards jobs way too hard. Boyle provides that, Burns provides that. Even when they are not actively getting points they are providing a huge distraction to the opposing team and creating time and space for the forwards.

That is why a .6ppg defender is more important than a .8ppg forward. Or a .5ppg defender and a .7ppg forward, etc. Defensive points are worth more than forward points, by a fair margin.

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