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04-15-2013, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Prallchengher View Post
You don't have to be uneducated to be a murderer. The best criminals are the smart ones who can cover their tracks.
Just because you're book smart doesn't mean you're smart enough to know that contorting the words of Islam, or killing dark haired women because a chick turned you down is wrong.

Not trying to debate, or saying the people aren't smart. Ted Bundy was pretty smart, but this has a sense of interpreting things to your own understanding and thinking that's right and everything else is wrong gives me the sense of someone who is very uneducated/ very ignorant.

The fact remains the same, though. It's a very tragic day in Boston and the bottom line is, no matter how you view the person (or people) who did this our brothers and sisters in Boston need all the support in this time.

If I tweeted I'd try to get #BandofBrothers going, but I don't tweet and it leaves out the women who were affected as well.

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