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04-15-2013, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
I for one am one who love Price has our number 1.
In Montreal, it win you rule and loss you're the outcast. It's been like that for has long has I remember. Even Roy had his bashers but since he won 2 cups with the habs, he had less. Put a cup in Price's resume and more bashers will go away waiting for games like this to **** on him.
Some guys just hate certain players. Roy had his haters, so did Koivu. I'm not sure where it comes from but some guys just hate Price. It's not too many guys but there are definitely some here.
Originally Posted by DenverHabsFan View Post
Despite my previous comments, I have to admit that Roy was constantly criticized despite winning two cups here. I remember friends saying stuff like "it's about time" when he was traded and I was shocked how little respect he got.

However, I have a problem with people who are always ready to give Price the Vezina when he goes on a winning streak. I think that's going too far in the positive direction at this point.
There were always folks ready to ship out Roy.

Originally Posted by DenverHabsFan View Post
As for the Leaf fan posting, as tough as Montreal can be for goalies, I consider the Leafs and the Flyers the worst two teams as far as scrutinizing goalies and don't see how a guy like Price could flourish there. It takes a generational talent to survive that kind of pressure.
It is a very, very hard place to play. And yeah, Philly is another spot.
Originally Posted by Serious HABit View Post
Need this playoffs series as the real litmus test to categorize carey as "above average" or "elite".
I don't think so, anymore than it's a litmus test for our team.

If we lose I'm not writing off Price or this team. I hope we do well and I hope Price plays well. If we don't though, I'm not writing them or Price off.
Originally Posted by Maltese View Post
Price has to start to win KEY games. He's got the talent.

Patrick Roy was not perfect every night (he was giving very ugly goals and was totally lost outside his net) but he was winning the key games most of the times.

The difference between the two is "mental toughness", Roy was the most competitive goalie of his era.
Roy also had much better teams (esp defensively) in front of him. Also, he was arguably the best goalie of all time so...
Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I don't know if it was talked about yet because frankly I avoid this thread like the plague, but why does Price insist on changing gear in the middle of the year? It's like the third time in his career I've heard of him doing it, and it always seems to **** him up badly. Remember that fiasco with his red pads a couple of years ago?

I know Price takes a lot of pride in not being superstitious like most goalies, but it's not even're playing with brand new gear, it's going to feel different and react differently went pucks hit it. Why even take the chance?

Edit: for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, Healy on CBC mentioned numerous times that Price was wearing new equipment vs. TOR
Don't know why he does this either. Doesn't make sense.

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