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04-15-2013, 08:40 PM
The New Era Lives On
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Old boys club, yes I think we all get it. Moving on I really hope Mactavish can love up to his mandate expressed today. A lot more assertive in terms of addressing weakness' and making this team a compeptetive squad effectively. Enticing to say the least. Moreso than Tambourines generic complacency in addressing the media or team needs.

I'll wait to torch Mactavish. He did have a decent record considering the team he was forced to work with.

So far I'm happy he finally called up Lander and Hartakainen for obvious reasons. Now waive Smyth lol.

I've been befuddled that ST was unable to make this move and simply sit on his hands while letting Krueger struggle. Not that Krueger shouldn't have forced the issue himself but there's a point where I think the GM can be held accountable by not pressing it either.

It's fairly frustrating to see Clark play in this Flames and Wild game when he was in our system waiting for the picking while Tambourine let him walk and Potter was continually allowed free unaccountable ice time night after night.

I apologize to all cynics if this post is a little top bright with optimism and not glaring flames from a torch. Note to this disclaimer before reading. Too late.

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