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04-15-2013, 08:54 PM
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Overall I think today was a good day for the team.

Yeah it sucks that KLowe didn't even bother interviewing anyone before hiring MacT.

Tambo being gone is great.

MacT did very well at the presser. Good answers. Sounded like a pretty solid vote of confidence in Krueger. One more year is a good thing on that front. Not saying he is the long term answer, but a coaching carousel makes no sense.

KLowe was just arrogant and out of touch. Forget taking offence to the "fans who buy tickets comment". That was just plain dumb. It's the fans who don't/can't buy tickets (i.e. tier two fans) who make up almost all of the people in the city supporting building the new rink. Tier two fans buy merchandise and watch on tv/listen to the radio, which is why the team gets broadcast revenue. What was the point about how many cups he has won? Other than being a jerk.

Today really turned me off on KLowe and maybe the terrible presser today leads to him leaving the team a little earlier than originally planned.

Hopefully MacT proves to be an independent-minded GM who can turn this team around.

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