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12-29-2003, 03:48 PM
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Badger Bob - I'm not in the "BWO" and more often then not I'm at odds with just about everyone in the Leaf forum. However most fans (and I'm seeing that on this board as well) don't have a realistic idea of what their players worth is because they get attacted to them. Also I've never said the Flames are a laughingstock, I put them in the same catagory (though maybe not as strong) as teams like the Thrashers, Panthers etc.... - they aren't in the runner this year, but in a couple years they will be the powerhouse's in the NHL. However Iginla doesn't help them then someone like Steen and draft picks would.

Because Comrie's situation and Iginla's are precicely the same. And you call me an idiot...

No, but in both cases very good and popular player would be traded to teams going for the cup.

That said, I'm not expecting a trade right now to land anything but prospects. This is why I am not expecting a trade.

Then you need to open your eyes. I wouldn't say a trade WILL happen, but I wouldn't bet against it.

No, I never thought that. If you are too dense to realize that, not my problem.

Really, cause in just abotu every post you made you just went on how a trade for Kaberle wo't happen.

If you want to discuss hypothetical trades, start with what the Flames need, not just what you want to give up

First they don't have a D-man with the offensive ability of Kaberle (top 10 in the NHL), and the offense from their blueline is terrible. Hes having a terrible year right now (by his standards) and he'd still be second among D-men on the Flames, and on an average year (45 points or so) he'd blow Leopold away. You add a top line prospect like Steen and a pick, and yes thats a deal I don't think the Flames COULD turn down. And they would NEVER get a player who can help them now because no team that would want Iginla is goin to give up that type of player to get him.

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