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A brave journalist named John

Here's the exchanged for those who haven't seen the press conference

MacKinnon: “When you talked about Steve coming in under difficult circumstances when he took over the job, part of that, with respect, was he had to clean up the mess that was left already. This group was largely responsible for that mess. How are fans going to be re-assured that the group that left the *mess that Tambellini couldn’t quite clean up is now *going to be cleaned up by the guys who left the mess to begin with?”

Lowe:*”I’ll just add a piece to that, John. You know, fair question. We have two types of fans. We have paying customers and we have people that watch the game that we still care about, but certainly the people who go to the games and support, we spend a lot of time talking to them, delivering our message. I would, uh, I think it’s safe to say that half the general manager’s in the National Hockey League would trade their roster for our roster right now. And in terms of the group that messed things up (voice rising) you’re talking about the group that had the team one period away from winning the Stanley Cup.”

MacKinnon: “Seven years ago.”

Lowe: “And you know the cycle of that. You know we chased the dream a few year for our fanbase. Like a lot of teams do. And then at some point in that time frame we realized that’s a bad plan and we made a change. We’re finishing year three of that plan. Now you say to me you’re getting impatient after three years?”

MacKinnon: “It’s not me. It’s the fans that are getting impatient.”

Lowe: “And lastly (talking loudly now) I’ll say that there’s one other guy in hockey today that is still working in the game that has won more Stanley Cups than me. So I think I know a little bit about winning, if there’s ever a concern.”
Years from now, this will be looked back on as the exact moment when Kevin Lowe officially used up the last of the good will remaining from his playing days. Arrogant, short-sighted idiot.

John Mackinnon just moved up a notch in my books, though.

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