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Originally Posted by Asher View Post
And I would feel very confident saying there's zero chance of that happening. Lowe wants his power structure intact, with himself at the top and his trusted but subservient buddies below him. IIRC, you said Tambo would be fired and Lowe would become the new GM, not MacT. I said it would be MacT. I've been saying it would be MacT ever since they brought him into the organization again. That's not because I'm some great prognosticator either, it's because I know what's really motivating the people involved here. Winning is extremely important, but there's something else going on that's equally important. It's about Lowe maintaining his control while staying out of the limelight, letting others take the criticism for him. It's about him having subservient employees that won't ever question him. Burke or any other veteran GM would never agree to work on those terms, partly why Lowe didn't even bother to consider anyone else for the job.
I said Burke would be hired. I still believe this.


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