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04-15-2013, 10:37 PM
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Buckle up this one's gonna be a doozie:

Where to begin? I have been in complete support of this team the entire year. After the penguins game, after the 6-0 blowout by Toronto. I thought this team had balls. I thought they were different. I thought that a coach like MT would allow us to play to our strengths and he would fit the players more than JM. And so far he had done so.

Now here we are. Our only physical D injured for the season. Our Only fighter injured. Our rival embarrass us AGAIN, and we come back to be throttled by the scummiest franchise in NHL history. A team that we've been exposed by time and time again.

You can look at Price, or Gionta, or Gorges, whoever. But in the end, this slump we are about to enter is entire on the shoulders of Michel Therrien. His refusal to amend lineups after losses, his awful asset management and his refusal to properly address things in-game has cost this team. Gorges on the PP? Gionta on the PP? Desharnais leading the TOI when he has been completely invisible since signing his extension?

Therrien has been great for energy and the attitude of the organization, but his abilities as a motivator are useless when the lineup is being ignored. I'm sick of seeing DD and Patches together. I'm sick of seeing Gionta slap pucks into the goalie's chest. I'm sick of seeing Gallagher play his ****ing heart out with no help, and see him take hit after hit after hit and no one helps him.

The powerplay is so predictable it's ridiculous. Use Eller, Galchenyuk, Pacioretty, Plekanec, Bourque, and Gallagher as your forwards. They can actually maintain puck control and keep it down low where we can open up the point. So many forced plays. So many guys standing around staring at Subban and Markov to work their magic.

Why does it seem that we are one of the only teams in the NHL which cannot complete a passing play? Lots of our goals are ugly as sin. And while all goals count, for a skill team we can't seem to create plays and find chemistry. And this is again because the lineup sucks. Injuries are a factor but stubbornness will kill you.

I've said it before, since we're not a top-heavy team, changes in the lines are expected. Above-average players go cold. These guys need to be put in a position to succeed. I feel bad for Bourque, who hasn't played in forever to come back to this mess. Ryder seems to be cooling off, and both DD and Pac have been ice cold.

If this team and this team's coaching staff does not look itself in the mirror and get disgusted with what they see we will be in for a horrible post-season. Even with our injuries the tools and the skillsets are there, but they must be used properly.

I suggest thefollowing:
1)Bring Tinordi up, Beaulieu is not ready. Send him down when Diaz Returns
2)Bench DD. If Eller gets benched for lack of intensity (which was the right thing to do) then DD should be held even more responsible for his piss poor play. Make him earn his TOI
3)Completely swap the lines, give everyone a fresh pair of linemates.
4)Bag skate the crap out of this team.


Drewiske-Boullion OR Tinordi-Drewiske/Boullion

Price (yes, Price. He needs to prove he's a number one. Face the music and play)

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