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09-01-2006, 05:48 AM
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My New Jersey Plan (proposal)

I don't follow NJ at all, but am waiting for some laundry to finish so I can go to here goes nothing

Ok, the way I added things up, I think NJ is currently at $45,974,566 in payroll for the upcoming season. This is without


Now, I see to start the season at least, Matvichuk and Wiemer won't count towards the cap as they are injured. So that shaves off $2,250,000 bringing the magic number down to:

$43,754,566 (safely under the cap of $44 million)

Now I'm not really aware of any two-way deals some fo their players may have, if they have those, that's some other cash they might be able to save. For the sake of this post though, I'll pretend they don't have any.

I would sign Clemmensen firstly. He didn't astonish anyone with his mediocre play last year, and will definately be the backup on this team (no way will he challenge Brodeur for the starting job). However, he probably won't have to see many games again and wasn't that terrible, so I say keep him. Minimum salary should do ($450K).

That leaves the Devils set in goal, and at $44,204,566

Next up is defense, and I definately think both Hale and Martin will be resigned. I'd give Hale $650K and Martin $1,200,000 (either player could be signed to multi-year deals, but here I'm only worrying about the cap hit for this season).

Payroll now at $46,054,566.

That leaves the Devils with:

Rafalski, Martin, Lukowich, White, Klee, McGillis, Hale, Greene and the injured Matvichuk. Good enough D to start the season with.

Onwards to offense:

I'll give the Devils the benefit of the doubt and say Gionta accepts a discount to stay with them at $4.5 million (also he only had this one year, so maybe Lou can use the 'might be a fluke' for leverage).

I'd also sign Rasmussen for about $575K.

New total: $51,129,566

Forwards look like (sorry I don't know their lines from last year, so I'm just trying to fill in spots):

Elias - Gomez - Gionta
Mogilny (?) - Parise - Langenbrunner
Pandolfo - Madden - Tallackson
Brylin - Rasmussen - Marshall
Depth: Janssen, Ryznar, Wiemer (injured)

So basically, we have a decent enough team to start the year, but need to cut $7,129,566 in salary. We have the rights still to Albelin, Langdon and Kozlov.

I will expect the Devils to try and keep their EGG line together if possible, so I won't trade any of those players away.

Here's who I see can go:

Madden - $3,892,566
White - $3,000,000
Brylin - $1,520,000
Marshall - $760,000

Total: $8,172,566

This means whatever trades we do, we cannot take on more than $1,043,000 back. I'd try and do:

White for a 2nd-round pick
Kozlov for decent prospect/pick package
Brylin for a 3rd-round pick
Marshall for a 5th-round pick
Albelin for late pick
Langdon for late pick
Madden for cheaper C (under the $1,043,000 left) in the same mold (example, for Pahlsson - Ducks wouldnt do this though, but you get the idea).

This gets the Devils below cap, and has their team looking like:

Elias - Gomez - Gionta
Mogilny (?) - Parise - Langenbrunner
Pandolfo - X - Tallackson
Ryznar - Rasmussen - Janssen
Depth: Wiemer (injured)

Rafalski - Klee
Martin - Lukowich
Greene - Hale
Depth: McGillis, Matvichuk (injured)


How do you think I did ??

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