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04-15-2013, 10:13 PM
Where's the Hart?
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Originally Posted by mactforcoach View Post
First of all who says Lowe didn't consider other replacements? I doubt he woke up yesterday and decided to fire Tambo & bring in MacT. This has been coming for some time now. MacT is a pretty savvy hockey guy with a very competitive edge so it might work out good. For ***** at least give him a chance. If Smyth is gone this summer and he makes a big trade for top end talent I'll believe he's serious. I could care less about the "old boys club" people need to drop that line of thinking. It's about getting people in place that will make tough decisions and push the team. Hell he called up two players today before the ink was dry on the deal, what does that tell you? And you know if he could have the team would have been bag skated Sunday morning.
I think they'll convince Smyth to retire this summer. Offer him a position with the Oil Kings as an assistant coach to entice him and keep him close to home.

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