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04-15-2013, 10:30 PM
...better... or not
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Lowe is a grade A ****.

I'm one of those inferior fans that have followed the team religiously for decades... but simply haven't lived close enough to go to games... living for the last dozen years over 12,000 km away. Now I'm a lot closer... just 600 km away... still not very convenient to attend many games.

I think collectively though all those non-ticket holders do "something" to support the team as well.

I've been patient as well watching crap for many, many years while drinking in the Kool-Aid and waiting for this team to get better.

Personally I'm going to simply call it as I see it. The team is crap and I'd obviously like them to make the playoffs and eventually win a Cup.

They are far, far away from that level now and if Lowe is comfortable with calling a huge sector of the fans inferior, I'm certainly comfortable in calling a spade a spade and saying "HIS" team is **** and will be until they get rid of that arrogant, entitled man at the top of the pyramid of mediocrity.

I'm still an Oilers fan... still support the rebuild... but 7 years of no playoffs is enough, time to **** or get off the ****ing pot Lowe. The team needs major changes to help surround the core with the pieces needed to make a competitive team.

Perpetual churning of the same management minds doesn't look like an intelligent strategy to improve this team... but since we are stuck in this groundhog day scenario forever... nothing an inferior fan like me can do but wait and see what happens this summer, next season... and the season after etc etc.

Honestly I WISH the superior STH fans had some greater powers to actually improve this team and get them to the promised land and break this playoff drought. If they collectively could somehow push for a firing of that mastermind at the top... well that would be an excellent use of their collective clout for the greater good of the organization.

Honestly though, I think the superior fans are in the same boat as inferior fans like me... reduced to hoping and waiting (and *****ing and moaning) until the team turns the corner someday and gets back to consistent competitiveness again.

Honestly not holding my breath anymore and I'll be more realistic in my appraisals and expectations going forward. Reality and actual results on the ice are all that's going to matter to me (not that I actually matter of course).

I've drank my last glass of Kool-Aid... it was cheap dollar store knock-off "grape drink"... not the good stuff the real fans get served at Rexall.

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