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04-15-2013, 10:40 PM
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It's been a long night. Firstly, i appologise for by accident posting far from complete line-ups earlier. Now it's just about finished and it's been quite the partial overhaul here partly becouse of the team we're up against, partly becouse we probably should have done some of these changes for the regular season allready. I've also added bios to some of the more perhaps obsqure, but oh still important players. Also updated some others, but when it comes to still active players and a certain HoF snub last summer i've just linked to Hockey-Reference for now, very good to see not the least Power-Play scoring.


Coach: Jacques Demers
Captain: Bob Gainey
Ass. captains:
Viacheslav Fetisov
Guy Carbonneau

Please obeserve that my third line will play the most, and the fourth very sparingly 5-on-5. Complete chart down below.

Brendan Shanahan-Max Bentley-Dany Heatley
Daniel Sedin-Vladimir Petrov-Claude Lemieux
Bob Gainey-Guy Carbonneau-BÅ Gustafsson/Lemieux(See chart below)
Marcel Bonin-Simon Gagne-Bobby Schmautz
Gagne played some center early in his career, will do it here for two shifts per period.

Second and third pairing players will play roughly equally much, in total with special team duty. This to maximize the first ones performance. Again, please see the chart below.

Viacheslav Fetisov-Ulf Samuelsson
Gary Suter-Ken Morrow(RHS)
Alexei Gusarov-James Patrick(RHS)

Glenn Hall
Vladimir Dzurilla

Reserves: Tiger Williams(LW), Andy Hebenton(RW/C)
Paul Reinhart, Jeff Brown(RHS)

All players with PP-stats available there has been linked to Hockey-Reference for easy access to PP-fruitivity.

1st unit will play a 1-3-1 power-play with Shanahan on the goalie and prime Heatley as mainly a central sniper, the other ones doing passing lanes between them, and taking shots, and in especially Bentleys case obviously taking one-on-one action:

This unit will play a simple power-play on the outside with Lemieux on the goalie:




Offense Minutes
PlayerES PP PK Total
Shanahan 13 4.5 0 17.5
Bentley 13 4.5 0 17.5
Heatley 13 4.5 0 17.5
Sedin 13 2.5 0 15.5
Petrov 13 4.5 0 17.5
Lemieux 16 2.5 0 18.5
Gainey 15 0 4.5 19.5
Carbonneau 15 0 4.5 19.5
Gustafsson 12 0 2.5 14.5
Bonin 5 0 2.5 7.5
Gagne 5 2.5 0 7.5
Schmautz 5 0 0 5
TOTAL 138 25.5 14 177.5

Defense Minutes
PlayerES PP PK Total
Fetisov 18 4.5 4.5 27
Samuelsson 18 0 4.5 22.5
Suter 14 2.5 0 16.5
Morrow 14 0 2.5 16.5
Gusarov 14 0 2.5 16.5
Patrick 14 2.5 0 16.5
TOTAL 92 9.5 14 115.5

I'll have a further look on my opponents team when i've slept, having trouble digesting aforemost all the old dudes on his first line.

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