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Game 36 vs Tampa Bay Lightning
5-0 Loss




2nd 0:28 Purcell (Carle)
-1 Bowman - While this one was close to being another error on Ellis, there were enough defensive gaffes here to exacerbate the soft rebound. First and foremost was this performance by Bowman -- overplaying the center lane, then getting beaten along the boards, then turning the puck over right up the middle of the ice.
-1 Dwyer - Makes much the same mistake as Bowman, overplaying the strong side to the point of being way out of position on the turnover.
-1 Harrison - If he gets a body or even a stick on the net-crashing Purcell, the rebound might not come back to bite the Canes.

2nd 15:55 Pyatt (Killorn, Brewer)
-1 Nash - Beaten cleanly on the d-zone faceoff, then fails to tie up Pyatt's stick on the tip-in.

2nd 19:17 Aulie (Stamkos, St. Louis)
Goaltender Error - Ellis - Traffic or not, an NHL goalie has to stop 50-foot floaters.

3rd 2:24 St. Louis (Pouliot, Carle)
-1 Corvo - Characteristically trying to play the game reactively instead of thinking about what he's doing.
-1 Harrison - Characteristically overthinking the situation instead of just making the obvious play.
^ This is a defensive pairing made in hell.

3rd 7:30 Pouliot (Stamkos, St. Louis)
-1 Gleason - Another embarrassing effort in a night full of them. Gets torched on a simple 2-on-2 crossover, then takes out his own goalie and flops around trying to recover.
-1 Eric Staal - Again, embarrassing. He gets absolutely outmuscled in the corner by St. Louis of all people.
-1 Skinner - And that's why you don't turn your back on the puck in the defensive zone. Jeebus.

Error - Ellis
-1 Bowman
-1 Corvo
-1 Dwyer
-1 Gleason
-1 Nash
-1 Skinner
-1 Eric Staal
-2 Harrison

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