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04-15-2013, 11:11 PM
Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
This thread make me ..

I hate our fanbase such a crybaby/bipolar one..

We are one of the best team in the league but we are playing crap hockey for 2 games and we have thread like these...

Such a disgrace and bunch of clowns fans we have here !
I think the problem resides more about the timing that some have compared to the actual discussion of any subject. I'm pretty sure that at the time, I did think that 4 M$ per year for a unidimensional d-man, as great his leadership seemed to be, way way too much. And by unidimensional, I'M not solely talking about only being defensive. 'Cause some could be AND solely defensive, AND physical. While Gorges is purely and solely defensive. But a good player nonetheless.

Now, going back to the timing, the problem here is that, if we wait till the Habs win 10 games in a row and then voice the opinion that Gorges is overpaid, well the other thing happen that, first, you look stupid 'cause he might actually be playing well during that stint, and 2, you look even more stupid 'cause you are voicing a "negative" opinion during a winning streak. So you actually have to wait till they lose to voice it....but then is seen as a whiner and a stupid fan. I guess there's no winning in voicing opinions....

Now, it's one thing to think he's overpaid. And another to think that he's useless. I think that those fans are the ones we should concentrate on. If people wait for a couple of games and then use that to try to prove how AHL'er he plays like...well THEN crucify them....But I say it's a minority....

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