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09-01-2006, 10:43 AM
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I think there can be stigmas attached to the people who show up in NHL jerseys. But if you're good and you're cool, no one really cares at the end of the day. Like people have said above don't do it if you suck. It'll just make you sucking stand out all the more.

Also, in the ball hockey league I'm in, where having fun and no one getting hurt are the prime goals of the league and especially of the pick up games/scrimmages, I've found that the guys who show up in jerseys tend to be the ones that take the hockey way too seriously but don't really get that we don't play by NHL rules. They're not careful with their sticks, they play the body too much, etc. Which is all well and fine if you're in the NHL, but in a coed league where you're running around on cement and not expecting to get hit, and someone comes and knocks you into the chainlink fence or along the concrete and then when you get up turns to follow the ball swinging his stick into your unpadded chest, it's really not cool.

I guess the point is, pick up games are meant to be fun and a bit more relaxed. Don't get me wrong, playing hard is expected, but showing up in an NHL jersey often gets people labeled with taking it too seriously and the whole "look at this guy, thinks he's in the NHL." I suppose there's probably also a newbie aspect of it, as it tends to say that you've never played for any team organized at least enough to have it's own jersey for you to wear instead. That's never been the case where I've played, but from reading others' comments, it sounds like it's likely the case in some places.

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