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04-15-2013, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by AtrickhayOrnqvistpay View Post
Sorry but I've defended Weber for way too long. He needs to go and he needs to go now. I have no idea why it took him or Josi so long to get to Kassian but to let Kassian cross check Rinne and then just come in and push him out of the way is insane. Someone does that to your goalie you come in flying with the gloves dropped and fists flying. Why did he wait to start throwing any sort of punches at Kassian until Kassian face washed him? That is not a captain, that is someone who is not with the team at all. I hated Arnott as a captain but when Burrows leveled Dumont he was right there beating the ever living snot out of Burrows. That's what a captain does. Walker and Sullivan would never have let that happen. Heck, Suter fought Morrow one night when he bumped our goalie. Suter didn't want to go but he did. That's what you do, you have your teammates back. I really have no idea what the problem is with Weber. I have no idea what's wrong or up with this team but they don't have each others backs anymore. They used to. I can't remember a time when they didn't fight for one another. This year I don't see it at all.

Heck, no one had Weber's back either to be honest. He and Burrows were going at it one shift in the third and Hamhuis comes over to give Weber a little love tap and no one is there to back up Weber then I think one of the Sedins comes over and puts Weber on the ice yet no one on our team is there to back Weber up. What team doesn't have their captain's back?

Something is rotten in the Preds locker room. I have no idea what it is but something is not right. I don't know if Weber truly doesn't want to be here and if he doesn't, good bye and good riddance. I don't know if guys are jealous of his contract or upset with him because he signed an offer sheet but if they are, those guys need to go. It's a business and he got his deal, get over it.

There is no excuse for what I saw tonight and have seen all season long. If you don't have your teammates back, get it out in the locker room, discuss it and move forward. No one is doing that and it shows. We had one period where we looked like a hockey team tonight and when they scored goal number 4, we gave up, plain and simple. I don't care that we're icing half of an AHL team. What I do care about is guys who are vets that gave up. What I care about is young guys fighting for spots on next years roster giving up. I get it that we're not talented right now but talent or no talent, there's a thing called effort. If they've given up on the year then fine, forfeit the rest of the games so we as fans don't have to watch this steaming pile of dog crap. It's a freaking joke.

I'll say it one last time, if your goalie is getting talked to by the enemy and then takes a swipe at him, he needs to be eating ice with 5 Preds on top of him. The team is a freaking joke. You mess with the goalie and you need to pay. I hope Trotz got all the numbers tonight so he can do something about it next year. Freaking joke of a team. They've quit on the coach and the fans.

Sad thing is, we wanted hockey back and for the lockout to end. I would've rather seen no hockey than to see this garbage.
Webs and Josi both came back when they saw Kassian jawing at Peks. When Kassian took a swipe at Peks, the official (not sure if a linesman or ref) grabbed Kassian and took him behind the net, and both Weber and Josi went after him. Weber didn't wait to get facewashed, he was going after Kassian as he should.

I will agree with you that it seems like our players don't stand up for each other as they should. . That's been going on for a couple of years now though.

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