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04-16-2013, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
That quote is exactly why it's very hard to be excited about Tambo getting fired.
Tambellini getting fired is the reason to be excited about Tambo getting fired. He's been terrible from day one, and I'm glad to see him go. I don't know him from Adam as a person, but as an NHL GM he was awful.

Originally Posted by SeriousBusiness View Post
- I can't help but wonder if MacT brings his own coach in next season if we don't start off well. Maybe Krueger doesn't even make it to training camp next year? I think he does though.
I actually think MacT played a big part in the decision to hire Kreuger. I remember him talking a lot about what this team needed in a coach when he was first hired and a lot of those qualities are the things that anbody, fan or not, would use to describe Kreuger.

Not only that, but it seemed pretty clear during the press conference that MacT doesn't think coaching was a factor in this team's misfortunes. Not only in his endorsement when asked about him, but when he talked about having gone through 4 coaches in a short time without any change in result.

As for the Lowe puppet thing, regardless of how much truth is in the theory that Lowe was pulling Tambellini's strings the past few years, I have a hard time believing that would ever be the case with MacTavish.

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