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04-16-2013, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by IceCapsFanNL View Post
I'll throw a little information into the pot from the perspective of a St. John's fan.

I think butts in seats helps determine team profitability, but equally important is the average ticket price. The average ticket price at MileOne is between $25 and $30. This times the sellout crowds we have had so far would put the team near the top for gate revenue I think.

Similarly consessions factor into this as well. The team and city split the revenue from concessions, and prices are high.

Beer is $6, Hotdogs, fries, cokes are similarly high as well.

When I look at other teams websites they seem to have much lower ticket prices, and really cheap concessions.

Someone mentioned attendance as a percentage of capacity. I am not so sure that it is a huge factor with respwect to profitability, but it adds to the enjoyment of the games.
Percentage of capacity, more than anything, contributes to season ticket sales. That means getting money sooner, that means being ahead of bills instead of behind, perhaps it means money gaining interest as well.

Here's the thing: is that $25 to $30 a season ticket price?

Your description sounds like it's right in the wheel well of the Portland Winterhawks. I'd guess the average price sold is around $25 (including season seats), averaged almost 7,000 this season, beer's at $9. Problem is, how much of a cut does the NBA hosts get?

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