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04-16-2013, 12:34 AM
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After letting this debacle of monumental proportions sink in, I think today is the day that hubris finally caught up with the old boys.

Some of the quotes in those article are gold. People are rightly choked and Lowe has set them all up so that anything other than huge success is going to be seen as abject failure. Their hubris has put themselves under a microscope that has, this far, not really existed in the media and outside Edmonton.

Even ESPN had a scathing article.

There is no logical argument that MacT was the most qualified candidate for this position. There will be no middle ground in terms of success and failure. Lowe has backed himself into a corner where any success will be despite him and failure will be attributed to him. MacT might succeed, but if he fails you can't really blame him because he's entirely unqualified.

There was talk at the presser of the "past" where Edmonton had difficulty attracting UFA's, but if the media and the fans can see the folly of this managerial shuffling then it's attracting attention from the players as well. The whole situation outwardly reeks. The shot themselves in the foot thinking they could operate this way and unintentionally shone a spotlight on the ineptitude of our management to the outside world.

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