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04-16-2013, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
for the nashville ppl - don't you run the risk the team gets worse trading him (even w/ the return)?
I don't exactly know the Predators cap situations but if they have an internal cap 14M might be to much to pay him and might be better of trading him and using the money better ways for the team.

All that being said if they have to pay him the 13M before the season starts I can't see them trading him and his 1M salary during the season(unless they get a sweetheart deal at the deadline)

Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
And? Philly is in desperate need of defense and saw an opportunity to not only remedy that woe, but do so with one of the league's best players. Gillis publicly admitted he considered doing so had he thought Nashville might now match. It's called strategy and addressing a much needed weakness. Nevertheless, Weber chose to sign the offer knowing the ramifications it might have. I'd fault him before Holmgren.
I still see it as a butthole move(basically giving Weber 27M to play 1 season before Nashville can trade him). It's basically a damned if they do, damned if they don't situation for a cash strapped team like Nashville

Originally Posted by MikeK View Post
Considering what they did with the Redden and Gomez situations this season it isn't out of the realm of possibility. A lot has to do with what Weber wants as well. If the player quietly says he wants a change then something will be done.
I honestly don't see the NHL giving Nashville an out on this(assuming they want to), rules are rules.

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