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04-16-2013, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
Disappointed in Trotz for not sending the entire bench onto the ice to respond to Kassian crosschecking Rinne. There was no need for him to be in the crease. There was certainly not any reason for him to touch Rinne once, much less twice. He knew someone would be coming and when he turned to see who it was he should have been made to crap his pants at the swarm of gold jerseys heading directly at him.

Didn't like that Weber simply pushed Kassian and then waited to get punched before going after him, but to be honest I think it's been drilled into him that he is more valuable on the ice than to be taken out by a punk. That's something that has to be addressed though. Weber is the captain of the team. He has to realize sometimes there are things that are done that do not require thought, but simply action in a swift and severe manner. Josi had no problem blowing past Weber and the linesman to get at Kassian before Lapierre pulled his punk move and attacked Josi from behind.

Hockey is a game that's built around forcing your opponent to make choices and capitalizing on the mistakes that they make. Nashville would've faced serious fines and suspensions for sending the bench, but this season? This season you don't hesitate to do it! Vancouver has everything to lose. You make them jump the bench too and make them answer for themselves in front of the league commissioner.

Loved the 2nd period. Couldn't figure out which team played last night and which team had been sitting in Nashville since late Friday night watching the other play. That was a great period by the team. They showed they can play, they showed they have some gumption, and most importantly they showed that despite the injuries they can still be effective! Unfortunately, reality took over after O'Halloran called Gill for a weak roughing minor after Burrows got away with at least four minor penalties in the 30 seconds leading up to it and the Canucks capitalized on the ensuing PP.

Overall, pleased with some of the younger players stepping up their games tonight. Happy to see the growth of Ekholm and believe he'll be in the NHL next season. But disappointed with our measured response to the bush league tactics of Kassian, etc...
SL, it's amazing how much respect I have for your hockey knowledge. I didn't believe there would be a time when I would agree with you more that 100 percent, but that time has come now. My pride for the Nashville Predators returned tonight by their hustle and grit which had been missing. My pride (and confidence ) in this coaching staff, though, is about to leave the building. Not only the consistently poor displays of passing have led me to question this regime's chance of getting this team over the barrier into at least a FINALS, but now it seems the Predators have reverted back to being pushed around in every phase of the physical aspect of an NHL and NHL playoff schedule. I really, really, REALLY hope there's a change of philosophy when our new edition Predators take the ice for the next phase of this program. And, thank you SL for sharing your insight.

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