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04-16-2013, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Big Papa Dapa View Post
I don't understand why people keep bringing up last season or a players trade value in this thread. MVP is based on a players performance for the current season and nothing else. Petro has been lack luster so the argument of a team without Petro and a team without Stewart is moot. Petro is just having a slow season like Stewart did last year. That said I think they 3 players that have the top vote are pretty fair picks.

Soby has definitely been a consistent player and the most consistent for the last couple years. Sure he isn't a scoring force but thats not his job. However, if we needed him in that roll he could be. He quaterbacked the powerplay for his international team and played the top line. The guy plays a 7 foot game and shows his scoring prowess.

Stewart had a very hot run this season much like when we first acquired him. He is leading the team in goals and points. So there is no reason not to consider him as the choice for this vote.

Allen came up from Peoria with little NHL experience and he stepped up when we needed him to. He very well could be the reason we make the playoffs because of the string of games he played for us. Thats why you could consider him.

Petro has not been an impact player this season, he just hasn't. There is no argument to make him MVP.

I have lurked on here for a couple years and I finally decided to put my 2 cents into something. Do i think ther is a clear cut MVP? No. And on a side not I am suprised no one has even mentioned Berglund and the scoring he has done this season.
Add my 2 cents to yours:

Saying, and rightly so, that you don't understand how people bring in last years performance just to say later Sobi is, rightly again, the most consistant guy over the last couple of seasons doesn't make sense to me

And no argument pro Petro?
Well, I think if there is not a standout guy (like JT for the Isles per example) you go with the "take-out" formula so the most valuable one is the one who is the hardest to replace....and that would be Petro, followed by Backes

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