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04-16-2013, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
I don't think Mac will be a bad GM at all but as I've said before I'm pissed off Lowe got to make the hire. He should be gone along with Tambellini. It bothers me a guy like that, who is responsible for most of what has happened since 2006 is still here firing people around him and not taking any accountability.

His comments today added fuel to the fire.
Well who's accountable for Lowe? Katz. Maybe Katz needs to wake up, realize he's a pharmacy man, not a hockey person and hire someone who knows what they're doing. Because, clearly, Lowe does not know what he's doing. How do I know this? Look at his track record in hockey management. He had 1 good yr. 2006, that's it. Katz thinks this is a record of success? No, this is proof that Katz doesn't know what HE'S doing either.

I wonder how Lindey Ruff would be as a GM. Or if Burke has learned anything about being a good GM from his experience in T.O. Or if bringing in someone completely different would work out instead of picking from the same pool of overused ex-Oilers.

It was enjoyable watching Lowe get his feathers ruffled when he was asked about his choice for GM and why they're still making decisions managing this team when they (Lowe, MacT, and a lesser degree, Howsen) are directly responsible for putting the team in "mess" they're in today. He refuses to be accountable for his actions and will never step down so someone else can take over and turn this organization over.

Further proof MacTavish is not right for the position is him mentioning Lucic's name and Lowe having to tell him, "I don't think you can say that", perhaps because of the possibility of tampering.

Also, at least the media had the fortitude to ask at least one question that would force Lowe to answer honestly. I would have liked to have seen the media ask more tough questions but the media in this city isn't nearly as harsh on the Oilers management as they should be.

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