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04-16-2013, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Yeah but he's "impatient", and what trade assets do the Oilers really have?

Beyond the fab five, which are likely all untouchable for the forseeable future, this pick and Gagner are the main trade options, and dealing Gagner for defensive help opens up another big hole in the middle.
Impatient sounds a lot like "prospects".

Kelfbom, PVR, Hartikanen, Lander, anyone not on the roster. Futures who might be good in time, yet teams might have interest acquiring for parts that would provide immediate help for the Oilers. That is the kind of impatient he sounds like he's talking about when he references the "solutions on the roster" and then talks about being impatient and making moves to support them.

Also, the pick if it gets them the player they want(Barkov/Mohanhan)likely immediately makes Gagner movable to this management group. Not the greatest idea, but it would be an impatient move to dump a 23 year old and insert another 18 year old into the 2nd line spot, and it's something Mact has done in the past as well(with Gagner no less).

But I highly suspect Mact's actual point about saying he's impatient is PR talking points to counterpoint Tambi's perceived failings as a GM rather than any actual honest assessment of how he'll move forward as the new GM. What he does, if he even does manage to do anything, is entirely up in the air and difficult to speculate on given he has zero track record to look at.

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