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04-16-2013, 01:21 AM
Carey Cost*
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Wake up, yeah habs are 1-4 since emelin got injured but guess what that 1 w came from Budaj. Nick Dipietro was drafted 1st overall i think he got a huge contract as a no1. Never achieved anythin.
Ad much as would like to believe it Price is not the no1 you all thought he was. I have never seen any other no1 choke the way this guy does... He also got it super easy since day 1
You can make up any excuses you want for him but this guy is probably the worst thing that happend to the organisation so far. The good goalies that we tossed away to make him room is mind blowing. Now we are screwed, he sucks and we don't have a real no1 to replace him.

Carey Price's perfomances are unacceptable for a no1 goalie.

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